rose medina

Rose Medina
Cold Morning in Venice, March 2023

About Me

Short Intro

Twelve years ago, due to the housing bubble of 2008, it was still difficult to find work in the architectural field, so I resourced to learn other design trends. Graphic Design became very necessary back then due to mobile applications, new websites emerging, etc.
I became the graphic designer at a small, family-owned company of light and electrical manufacturing. From graphic designer to wearing multiple hats for 11 years, I excelled in B2B marketing. I redesigned the company's website, their packaging, and their entire brand.
Having been educated in architecure and in art, I used all my will and knowledge to find strategies to uplift the company's image.
When it comes to consumer's perception, branding is everything.


Master's Degree in Architecture from UIC (University of Illinois-Chicago)
Chicago, IL

Bachelor's Degree in Art from Augustana College
(now University, A.K.A. Augie)Sioux Falls, SD

Web Design/Graphic Design at Training Computer Source, Inc.
Chicago, IL


  • AutoCAD Drafting

  • 3D Modeling with SketchUp

  • Adobe Suite, for Illustration, photo manipulation, and book making

  • Office Suite

  • Figma for Prototyping

  • Visual Design

  • Abstracting

  • Web Design, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript basics

  • Branding

  • Packaging Design

Cultural Background

I was born in Los Angeles, CA, but I ived in Mexico City, Mexico from the age of 3 until I turned 15.
Since very young, I loved visiting museums of art and anthropology. I studied to become an architect, but I have found passion creating design in general.
You will also find me doing home remodels from time to time.

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