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Professional Work at CEC Industries LTD

Website Design (B2B & B2C Marketing)

During my first year working at CEC Industries LTD, I worked with a third-party company to manage the website. However, the website was not good. It looked dull, unintuitive, outdated, and unorganized. The colors it had did not reflect an automotive lighting company. Using HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and UX Design, I restructured the website and database. The response was it had a better navigation. Also, by incorporating a page for PDF downloads, packaging information, UPCs, etc., I solved issues that were constant with our sales representatives and clientele.

The website is not flashy like other lighting companies' websites, and it's not an e-commerce website, but it's exactly what CEC needs to conduct B2B business: to easily find parts, their details, their drawings, and their shipping info. For B2C, we have Automotive/ Mortorcycle/Flasher Application Guides, and a Search Box, that help the regular person find the right product for their vehicle.

By having an in-house web designer and web manager, I was able to help save CEC Industries LTD a considerable amount of dollars to this day.

Please visit CEC Industries LTD.

CEC Industries LTD's website's Homepage layout.

Website Home Page

I designed a gif banner with lights for the logo, since the logo is not suggestive of the industry CEC is in, I thought the gif would help the user know that they are in the right place if they are looking for lighting products.

Please refresh the page to replay the gif banner.

I gave the CEC Industries LTD brand a new color palette, compartmentalized all the products by category, and I was solely responsible for all the graphics created and product photos taken and graphics found of vehicles that you can see on the centerpages and sidebars and detail pages to make the website fun, pop, and up-to-date even after 10 years from now for this type of industry. Trained in architecture, I was also responsible for creating many of the detailed drawings in the Miniature Lamps section.

New color palette.

Let's navigate the website here to find all the details of a Forward lamp.

The page is letting us know that Forward Lamps come in Halogen and LED. Only being curious, I own a Prius and my car uses an incandescent lamp. I don't know the part # but I know what the lamp looks like. So I am choosing "Halogen Lamps".

With the lamp in my hand, I find the lamp that looks just like it, and it's part # HB2 (9003).

Let's pause the search for a moment to explain the design process. The sidebar on the left is for any halogen lamp types. Link: Halogen Lamps. It is selecting 24V Halogen Lamps on the image.
I learned UX Design throughout this process of implementing different ways for our users to easily find the lamps they need.

Let's retake the lamp search. The automotive lighting industry has lamps that look the same, but are conditioned for different vehicle types of different uses, etc., or they simply project a different color light. Some could have a longer lasting life and that turns into a different part #.

To best show the users the lamps in a series, by how they look, and their similar part #s, I created the page with a few of the details that apply to the lamps that look the same, showing the lamp at the top, with dimensions for scale, a photo, and underneath, a list of part #s that apply to that lamp in the photo.
I know my vehicle uses a 12V lamp and it says 60/55W on it. So I am choosing a standard 9003.

After I click on a part #, I am directed to the "Details" page of that part #. Here I can see all the details regarding 9003 and I can click on the PDF for the drawing details, and I can see how this item is packaged.

Let's see the drawing of the item first:

As the user, I can then look at other details of the specific part #, such how the item is packaged,
in individual packaging and it's photos, quantities per individual, inner and master packaging,
and USMCA information.

There are several ways to find 9003 in the website: Searching for Automotive Applications under Forward Lighting, searching by bulb shape or base style on the sidebar, and simply typing in "9003" in the Search Box on the top right of the website.

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